JUNE 8, 2022:  Tina announced her retirement from competitive skating. On her Instagram post, she stated the following:

“After 20 years of dedicating my life to the sport that I love deeply, I am happy to announce my retirement from competitive skating. I have always felt so beautiful and free when skating, as if the ice is where I belong. It has been my home, where I have spent every morning for as long as I can remember. People used to ask me if it was hard to “miss out” on plans or activities growing up because I needed to sleep early for skating, stay in on weekends to rest up for the week, not be able to take off and leave on vacation or miss school when competing. What I have understood is that skating has given me so many opportunities and experiences I could not get elsewhere. I have met so many amazing athletes, built connections with my coaches, have travelled the world doing what I love, gained the support of wonderful fans, have the honor to represent Armenia internationally and earned the right to call myself an Olympian. This sport has completed my life in so many wonderful ways, I am forever grateful. I have given my all, dedicated all my energy to succeed and it was all worth it. I am so proud of myself for putting in blood, sweat and tears to finally achieve my goals and make my dream come true. Undeniably I am so grateful to be an Olympian, but the journey to get there has assured me of how strong I really am, both physically and mentally. For that reason, I feel at peace with my decision and wish my team-mates at IAM continuous success as their journey goes on.

Thank you to my parents and my husband. You have been my biggest supporters from day 1. I hope I made you proud. Thank you to all of my coaches for helping me reach my goals and become the person I am today. You have been like my family on the ice and I will forever cherish the times we spent together.Thank you Simon for all of our accomplishments over the years and making our dream come true. We made it! Thank you so much to the Armenian Figure Skating Federation for giving us the opportunity to represent Armenia 🇦🇲 Your support meant a lot to us. A big thank you to all of my friends, family and fans for all the love and support I received over the years! You mean the world to me.”

MARCH 27, 2022: Tina and Simon finished 14th at the World Championships.

FEBRUARY 13, 2022: Tina and Simon fulfilled their dreams of competing at the Olympics and finished 18th.

FEBRUARY 4, 2022: McGill University posted an article about Tina being the flag bearor for Armenia at the 2022 Olympics.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2021:  Tina and Simon finished fourth at Nebelhorn Trophy and have officially qualified for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.