Support Team Armenia’s Olympic Dream

Team Armenia’s goal is to shine the light on Armenia at the international level so that all Armenians can be proud. At their first international competition in Ostrava, Czech Republic they managed to qualify for the world championships to be held in Tallin, Estonia on March 2015. Tina and her ex-partner finished 16th in the world at the Junior World’s Championships. Now with her new partner, Simon, Tina is embarking on her biggest challenge yet and that is to make her mark at the Senior level and the ultimate goal of the Olympics. The road to the podium is long one but with hard work, determination and support it is attainable.

Ice Dance is a very expensive sport. The Republic Armenia, unlike other competitor countries, does not provide funding for equipment,training nor travel all over the world to compete. We Armenians, as a collective people, need to support our athletes to shine on the world stage.

Please support Tina and Simon in there goal to put Armenian on the podium. $20, $50, $100 contribution will make an impact. It will help pay for the equipment, the costumes, the coaches, the choreographers, the airline tickets and hotel stays. We can all be proud together. Tina and Simon would like to extend there sincere gratitude and are humbled by your moral and financial support.

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